The term "BIM" is relatively new in the design and construction industry and stands for "Building Information Modeling." For years architectural plans were drawn by hand in two dimensions, with the invent of the computer and CAD software, the hand drawings were converted to 2-D computer generated drawings. As computers and software became more powerful, the plans could be drawn in 3D with assemblies. This was a huge step forward in technology. Forward thinking companies like Steed Construction have acquired the skills and tools to implement this technology and take it further by incorporating pricing and schedules into the model, creating another dimension (4D and 5D). We can also add building energy efficiency and materials life cycles. There is no end to what can be incorporated into the models so the term is now XD.

At Steed Construction we embrace new technologies and methods like BIM and are excited to bring these advances to the projects we are involved with. We are excited what new process will become part of the design and construction industry in the future and we are doing our best to sort through and find the ideas and processes that bring real value to our clients and their projects. Invite Steed Construction to bring these advances to your next project.

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