We value the safety and health of every worker on our job-sites and know that in order for our subcontractors and vendors to be successful we need a good working relationship with them.  For these reasons, we've developed the following guidelines: 


Steed Construction, Inc. requires all subcontractors and other applicable vendors to have their own Safety Program and training in place prior to beginning work activities on our job-sites. These safety programs and training must meet or exceed OSHA regulations and the standards of Steed Construction’s Safety & Health Program (SHP).

Subcontractors and vendors must utilize individual programs for the applicable hazards associated with their work and surroundings. These programs may include Job Hazard Analysis, Hearing Conservation Programs, Fall Protection Programs, Respirator Programs, Scaffold Programs, Crane Safety Programs, Confined Entry Permits and Plans, and any other applicable work activity.

Subcontractors and vendors must provide Responsible Persons, Qualified Persons and any other trained personnel requirements, per OSHA and other relevant standards, as needed to complete their work. Subcontractors and vendors must have all relevant and required proof of training documentation available to Steed Construction upon request.


Subcontractors and vendors are required to carry out safety inspections on their work and surroundings throughout the duration of their work on our job-sites.


Steed Construction’s Project Managers will contractually obligate subcontractors and vendors to the above requirements. Jobsite supervisors will verify that the above requirements are being met. Supervisors must correct any safety or health deficiency at their jobsite.


At the discretion of Steed Construction’s management, if a subcontractor or vendor cannot provide a safety program, they must adopt this SHP before beginning work.


Additionally, subcontractors and vendors must supply all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to their employees to meet the requirements of each job-site.  This must always include hard hats, work boots, long pants, shirts that cover the torso and shoulders, and eye protection. High-visibility clothing and/or vests should be anticipated where site-work and heavy equipment is being used. Other PPE may be required as conditions demand. This may include hearing protection, work gloves, respirators, etc.  Steed Construction is not responsible for providing these items for your employees.


If you need additional guidance, would like to review the Steed Construction SHP, or would like to talk about a safety issue or problem, please contact our Compliance Officer.



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